The Top 7 PDF to Excel Converter On Windows 10

Working on Excel PDFs is not common as processing other PDF formats such as Word. The fact it is not common, it should not be forgotten as a modern method of relaying information that needs equally as much attention that is given to other PDF formats. That’s why there are a few top class PDF Converters have decided to step up and give other converters a run for their money by improving the services they offer of converting PDFs to Excel yielding great output. Here are some of the best Windows converters that you should check out for if you are in need of a converting tool.

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Many of us are of the idea that we have to sweat it out so that we can get it right. This should be not be the case anymore when extracting data from PDFs. Those behind this software the CogniView have spent over a decade just to come with that ideal PDF to Excel converting software for those that are tired of being exploited by unworthy software running on their devices. What could beat a product that is an Adobe ‘Developed Partner’ and a Microsoft ‘Silver Certified Partner’? The PDF2XL Basic PDF 6.5 PDF to Excel Converter has to be the best converting tool that you would ever come across right now.

  • The PDF2XL Basic Converter automatically gives you a preview of the selected data in Excel which is all done in a single page.
  • It is superfast and when speaking precisely on the time it takes to convert the first PDF file once you install it is approximately less than 5 minutes.
  • It is supported in a range of Windows Operating System and perfectly runs on your desktop of the following versions; Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012.
  • Does not call for a lot of requirement for it to run as it requires only a space of 256 system memory.
  • User can communicate in case of any assistance via their email that works actively twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.


2.     TalkHelper PDF Converter

No matter how large or complex your file might seem to be, there is one PDF to Excel Converter that you can rely on at all times and if you guessed the TalkHelper PDF Converter then you are just correct. No converter allows you to enjoy speed, affordability and efficiency all at the same time as this converter does. The esteemed customers and frequent users are large companies that have put their trust in handling all their converting needs in this superb software. From a personal experience nothing gets it better than the Talk Helper when it comes to sorting all your Excel converting and needs as the TalkHelper.

  • It links to cloud storage via a link that pops out once you open the TalkHelper PDF programme. Such cloud storage accounts that it supports include Google Drive, Drop Box, and Google boxes and notes that allows you to save your work on the application’s cloud.
  • It possesses a smooth interface that is very easy to use and adaptability is fast because unlike most converters whose interfaces are very complex the TalkHelper PDF Converter has an interface that can be used by anyone without technical assistance
  • Comes with a 3D page turning technique that makes the user feel as if he or she is reading from a book.
  • User can customize and as well modify files so that it can meet their needs with the help of this converting tool.

3.     Nitro Pro PDF Converter

If you do not have this software running in your device then describing what the Nitro PDF Converter can do hopefully will make you do away with the converters that you are using now. It is suited for big businesses and personal use of which I am sure most of us lie in between that handle Excel documents. The developers have made the adaption of this top class converting software as the interface resembles that of the Microsoft Word toolbar. With the powerful features it possesses such as its Productivity Suite you will be able to do your work at optimum. The reason why it has over six hundred and fifty thousand users is because it is simply the best PDF to Excel Converter that you could ever have.


  • Nitro Pro PDF converter allows the user to convert PDF files to Excel and other formats such as Microsoft office. Not only that, but also convert other formats into PDF file format either from desktop or the web browser.
  • You can use the Nitro PDF converter to edit PDF files with other formats such as images, pages and paragraphs.
  • It supports fast sharing of documents and eSign documents in a matter of seconds without having to scan nor print a single sheet paper.
  • Documents can be added and merged together as one in a single document that is at the same time.

4.     iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional

The dream of getting the best out of your PDF to Excel Converter is just a grasp away from you if you do not have the best converting tool in the market right now which is the iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional. It generally helps you improve your overall productivity those who have ever used it will surely bare me witness. Reasons why it is used by the big organisations in handling all matters Excel is because it knows everything about confidentiality and the features that it comes along with. You just cannot resist the best PDF to Excel in the market and that’s for sure!

  • It has been input with over 17 languages that are internationally recognised such Languages include French, Spanish, Russian, Germany to mention just but a few.
  • With advanced OCR technology that it supports user can convert scanned PDF files into Excel or any other format it supports.
  • The iSkysoft PDF Converter maintains all the original formats including graphics, tables, texts and images even after conversion and one could hardly tell the difference between the original format and the output.
  • When we talk of speed this converter processes a one hundred page within a single minute.
  • Ensures that your documents are well protected by converting password encrypted files.

5.     Adobe Acrobat Pro DC PDF Converter

The Acrobat Pro DC PDF Converter is the top dog when it comes to PDF conversion. Reasons behind this are well known to all of us. Over the last decade this world class converting tool has been undisputed and it will remain that way for a very long time since as per now I don’t think there is that converter that matches what this converter does. It comes with a firsts start free trial version that gives you a taste of what it does and can be easily downloaded from the Play store. You do not have to waste your time restore the original design of data into new spreadsheets as the greatest PDF to Excel has you covered.

  • The Adobe Converter supports editing of selecting pieces of your PDF converter as well as edit and analyse all the information in your PDF as well as exporting the range of pages that you need to be converted from PDF to Excel.
  • When dealing with printed paper work, once scanned this software converts it from the scanned PDF converter to a Microsoft Excel document that can be edited.
  • With your device you can easily convert PDFs to XLSX formatted into Microsoft Excel from anywhere through connection using a browser.
  • Preserves all the documents along with the columns, formats and layouts.

6.     Wondershare PDF to Excel Converter

In the whole of my writing career and from the experience I have ever had with converters, I have never seen anything close to a converter that works so perfectly on PDF documents as good as the Wondershare PDF Converter. This software for windows is suggested because it has the ability of performing its tasks on multiple files and still retaining its quality. Other from it having an output that maintains its high quality, it also converts at a blink of an eye saving you some remarkable time. With such a programme running on your device you should be worrying about other things but not on how to convert your PDF documents to Excel.

  • It converts PDF to Excel in the “Excel (xls)” and the “Excel (xlsx)” formats.
  • Offers a multiple choices that you can convert into other than Excel such as the Microsoft Word from the Home Page.
  • Has flexible output options in the sense that user can choose from the two options provided whether for each page to be yielded from a single Excel sheet or combine pages to one Excel sheet.
  • Features the batch conversion technique that allows users to work on unlimited PDF files at the same time.
  • Supports the partial conversion which supports conversion of a range of pages rather than dealing with all PDF files.

7.     Able2Extract PDF Converter

The name of this PDF to Excel converter may not be as big as other converters but be sure none of them can be compared to what it does. Due to the digital generation that we fall in their developers have always been updating it to ensure that it is not outdated with the advancement of technology. Its latest update was done on the thirteenth of June this year would you believe it? With the kind of technology invested into it, there is no taking chances on the conversion output it offers. It is the most accurate and reliable converting tool that the website can offer as for now.


  • Features a very advanced conversion technology that is rare to find. The PDF recognition enables user to perfectly search through documents that have been scanned making the user to be in full control of their work.
  • To ensure that none of their user is stuck in the middle of the conversion processes there is a customer support system that has been established to counter unforeseen errors through sending an email or making a call all such related issues are sorted promptly.


With the great advancement in technology there is no computer user you would tell me does not use PDF file formats in such days. If there is he or she try as hard as possible to familiarise himself/herself with everything PDF. Looking at the benefits that converters do in details as from the above review, it is clear they play major roles in our offices, personal tasks or even businesses. They make our work even more portable and work even well presentable. The role of converters in conversion is visible and to avoid exploitation the above review can really come in handy.